We are saddened to hear the news coming from Lake Concow, our home away from home. Stay tuned here for opportunities to help our hosts who have done so much for our community.

A video of 2017 Buckeye made by our friends

from Foraged Films.

Welcome to Buckeye!

The Traditional Buckeye Week is not happening this year. We are taking a year off for revisioning and reorganizing. For the third year we will be hosting another Pathways Week.

The 10th Annual Buckeye Gathering, 2019

(814) 367-0860 May 8-14

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At one time it was simply called LIFE.

What we offer has not always been known as ‘Primitive Technology’, ‘Ancestral Arts’, ‘Wilderness Survival’ or ‘Earth Living Skills’. At one time it was simply LIFE. All of our histories share ancestors who crafted the rhythm of their seasons and generations with the pulse of the breathing planet, knowing where to look for wisdom and sustenance.

To learn from past generations how to thrive sustainably

We were inspired to begin this gathering by the longstanding contemporary community that has been rediscovering this legacy and innovating for decades before us. Buckeye exists in service to the wonderful complexity of simple living and the growing commitment to learn from past generations how to thrive sustainably for generations to come. We invite you to join us this coming Spring as we gather again to learn to integrate older ways, to begin to fathom what a village might be like for us today, and to see where inspiration takes us!

A Family Oriented All-inclusive Event

We encourage a 416-239-5266, all-ages event that emphasizes skills and materials indigenous to California, while welcoming talents from all over the map as well. Choose from a wide range of classes every day; enjoy the 509-934-6840; share food, song & (610) 715-7806. The main fire is our camp central, with field and forest for camping in tipis, tents, vehicles, and under the stars.

Here is What You Will Learn!

At Buckeye, you might find craft and skill workshops such as:


plant fiber cordage





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