A few rioters were seriously injured.

It's time for us to leave.

Jakob's house doesn't have a garage.

Kris became indignant.

I do not want to work.

Sometimes I get carried away.

Should you always freeze fresh meat?

Everyone looked unhappy.

What has come over you to think that?

She is one of the girls we invited to the party.

Why not look into the matter yourself?

Daniele opened his eyes and looked up at Donn.

You can't say that word in my country!

I just can't believe Maurice and Suzan are getting married.

I was just looking out for Alain.

I prefer not to take medicine, because I am afraid of drug side effect.



Did you come by train?

If you come upon a new word in a sentence, what will you do with it?

Mom bought a puppy for us.

I think I'm pregnant! said the woman.

Have you ever drunk carrot juice?

"I want to talk to your grandfather." "That's not possible, he died a few years back."

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If this be treason, make the most of it.

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I have no idea where Billy lives.


At what time are you coming back?

Is there anyone who might want to hurt Ric?

This is the first time I've ever spun wool.

Having read the book, she went shopping.

Do you play a musical instrument?

Let's go over it again.

Look at what we have so far.

Vilhelm and Pascal both just stare at John.

I was bored with his old jokes.

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After Margot died, Urs found the house filled with a jumble of newspapers, children's toys and old holiday decorations. With stoic determination, Billy began to unjumble the attic contents before she put the rest of the house in order.

Between you and me, he was dismissed for bribery.

"Talking about 108, that's the number of worldly passions." "What worldly passions have you got then?" "I could say, but it'll get censored out."

How many words does this sentence have?

They're exactly what we want.

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I'm sure it's tough taking part in the activities of two clubs, but good luck!


Tovah liked Rhonda's picture on Facebook.

I've been given a three-year sentence.

I don't even want you here.

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We need to study this delicate question very carefully.

No one I know can afford to eat out anymore.

The elevator opened and Saqib got out.


Venkata doesn't have to explain himself to me.

I've cleaned every room except your bedroom.

Mann wants to go out with Cary.

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Isn't there something you could do?

Saying you can't do the job because you're too busy is just a cop out.

Have a great night.

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The teacher called the students in alphabetical order.

Before, only "frog" is written here.

Right now, I want you to tell me what happened to Sundar.

That's a waste of my talents.

That surprises me.


My French is very limited.

I like English best of all subjects.

Sally got sick.


I've been walking on crutches ever since I broke my foot.

She participated in the beauty contest.

Contemplating the reason for existence means contemplating non-existing things.

To put it clearly, I don't like him.

I have been living like a wolf trapped in a snare.

Claudia threw the phone against the wall.

Why did the FBI raid Toerless's house?

We choose to go to the Moon in this decade and do the other things not because they are easy, but because they are hard. Because that goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills.

I've been asked to give the eulogy at my grandmother's funeral.

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Anita is unlikely to be here on Monday.

My house is close to the school.

I wonder if Hunter ever cries.

Sharon shouldn't make fun of Edward.

Kaj is losing his battle with cancer.


What did you think of it?

The attack was shown on video.

We already talked to police.


What are you drawing?

Where do you keep your medicine?

He works for an American company.


The answer will surprise you.

I attended the party with the intention of taking some pictures.

Experience is important.

Swamy kissed Romain on the neck.

I saw something strange in the sky.

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The beggar was dizzy with hunger and fatigue.

Where would you like us to put these supplies?

They were speaking in a Southern dialect.


Tell Graham you'd like something to eat.

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I didn't want to humiliate Kris.


Stevan told me he thought I was wasting my time.

That way, please.

Petr is a little pale.

You can't lift the piano by yourself.

It was not very well hidden.


Have you ever seen the new house in which Marilyn lives?

Of course!

I'm talking to him.


Olaf stepped in a puddle of water.

"Is Ernst here?" "No, he just left." "Really? Isn't that him going out the backdoor?"

I don't know why I didn't think of that earlier.


Hell will have frozen over before those idiots fifure out what to do

Is Mr. Al-Abeed here?

No woman dares to refuse love without a motive, for nothing is more natural than to yield to love.

I've got some money saved up.

She kissed her father on the cheek.

He said that he was tired and that is why he'd like to go home earlier.

Don't quarrel over trifles.


I'll get by.

Those were without a doubt memories from my past life.

He looked around.

Nigel got home.

Jesus is the lead singer.

In the summer I go to the pool every day.

It's snowing in Paris.

You know, in general, it's all fucked up here.

It's up to you.


The media doesn't report this news.

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You make it sound very simple.


It is wrong for a man to conceal things from his wife.


She is not bad in herself.


Wolfgang didn't mention it to me.

She was green with jealousy.

Think wanted to ask Amos about how John died.

What's going on anyway?

It's troublesome that Internet Explorer's stop icon looks like a shiitake mushroom.

Paramedics are trained to handle emergencies.

I thought that he was honest.

What do we do about them?

His ambition is to be first.

That was everything I had.

I don't want Dimetry to come.

That doesn't concern me.

A gunshot was heard in the distance.

I want to come in.

Don't ever let me catch you here again.

Dale needs urgent help.

I will compensate you for your loss.

He shouted to her to be careful.

Just when the first human beings will reach Mars remains to be seen.

The button battery for my computer's timer died.

I'm glad this is all over.


To think too long about doing a thing often becomes its undoing.

He shouted himself hoarse.

Why don't you quit Facebook?

Do you know what I see here?

I'm a farmer.


I don't know what more I can do for Irvin.

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Give me a ring if you find out anything.

Prakash has something to say to you.

I'm afraid there's been some awful news.

The news may be true.

I lack confidence.

A lot has happened since then.

Is there any difference between your idea and hers?

We live in a big city.

Those books look as if they're going to topple over any minute.

I'm impatient to see the new version of Tatoeba.

You mean George Bush?

My father has a ranch and breeds cattle and horses.

I've told you this before.

Ralf ate half the peach and handed me the rest.

The plate slipped from my hands.

Before long, she got pregnant.

I want him to think well of me.

A large pillar obstructs the view of the lake.

I, too, am worried about him.