Companies with large WANs, multiple data connections and high-latency WAN environments, need a reliable, cost-effective, high-performance networking solution that enables seamless management of data movement and offers maximum uptime.

GR8WAYS solutions save you the hassle and cost of engaging multiple vendors to provide and manage the various components in your network. We offer a single-window suite of flexible capabilities that can transform how you manage your network and optimize your bandwidth. Our solutions include SD-WAN, Bandwidth Aggregation, AAA & Bandwidth Management, Security and WiFi Management & APs.

Welcome to the networks of the future.

SD-WAN & Bandwidth Aggregation

GR8WAYS SD-WAN provides a powerful new approach to complex mobile and branch office networking, while also ensuring consistently optimized performance and cost savings.

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GR8WAYS AAA provides flexible, integrated control access to resources across the framework. It enables proactive analysis of bandwidth information and auditing, so networks can function quickly and efficiently.



GR8WAYS security combines multiple layers of filters to monitor and track two-way traffic on your network, while keeping sensitive and confidential data well protected against malicious threats and unexpected attacks.

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AP Controller

GR8WAYS consolidated Access Point controller incorporates the latest leading technologies to help manage the growing demand for wireless network access points in a way that is flexible, scalable and efficient.

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Why choose GR8WAYS’s integrated WAN gateway?

Easy to deploy and manage

GR8WAYS integrated WAN gateway takes the guesswork out of deployment and is easy to manage. It can be integrated into highly dynamic, busy networks with minimal disruption.

Uptime like never before

GR8WAYS integrated WAN solutions are designed to ensure hassle-free network functionality, with built-in capabilities that keep unplanned downtime and connectivity outages to a bare minimum.

Easy to use

GR8WAYS straightforward and easy-to-use web interface simplifies complex technologies and enables enterprise network administrators to manage multiple gadgets without the need for complication.

Big on cost savings

GR8WAYS integrated multi-functional WAN tool offers a customizable network management solution at a cost far more practical and affordable than that of traditional aggregated models which require multiple solutions.

Scalable, increase as you grow

GR8WAYS integrated multi-functional WAN tool offers you the option to invest only as much as you need to in the beginning, and allows you to scale according to how and when your enterprise grows.

Build your brand

Leverage the power of strategically positioned promotional messaging and grow the mindshare of your brand. Increase your target engagements across multiple verticals via powerful GR8WAYS opportunities.

What our Clients Say

GR8ways has made setting up a network administration simpler than ever! The user interface is so simple that we could use it without any prior in-depth knowledge of networking. The time to administer the networking system has reduced which allows us to take comparatively faster decisions which is proving to be cost effective. Kudos!- Client 1
GR8 ways has brought a combined answer for all my WAN problems. Now instead of dealing with SD-WAN, AAA and Wi-Fi controller separately, I can access everything from a single point. The range of features they provide in a single solution are impossible to find elsewhere. An added advantage is that it saves almost 70% of my cost. Definitely recommended.- Clients 2
GR8ways is actually great. The feature sets work better and faster than any other solutions that my enterprise has tried in the past. They not only provide network administration but also highest level of security and continued support.- Clients 3