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I am not the first one, nor will I be the last one, who’d be completely clueless about what to write in their first blog. To be very honest, this is not the first time, that I started writing my first blog. I’ve tried it many times, but never been able to complete it. Just thought out, I will list out the mistakes that I did, so that you who reads it doesn’t make the same one.

Thinking about, what should I write on

One of the main reasons, why I never completed in any of my previous attempts. The confusion, that I created by considering too many factors, just didn’t help. Zeroing in on a topic to write on was the toughest thing for me. Just write something that you feel comfortable about. You don’t cross the bridge until you come to it.

What would readers say(Log kya kahenge)

First of all, readers can only say something, if you actually publish the blog. The whole thought of how will it be perceived can ruin the fun. Also, pre-empting about, what people might say doesn’t help anyone’s cause. Don’t count your chickens before they hatch. Be open to feedback from different readers. Everyone would have some inputs for you. Evolve over a period of time.So just feel free and write.

Use your Strengths

Write about something that you think you know and are good at. And just let you creative juices flow. It doesn’t help, if you try to write a blog that should go viral and you get many readers. Remember, Rome wan’t built in a day. So over a period of time, you too would evolve as a blogger.

Don’t over analyse, what you wrote

Close to 5 of my first attempts at blogging lie unpublished in the drafts section. During previewing, I would be self critical, find mistakes and then abandon the blog. Not everything perfect is liked by readers. Well, Kolaveri Di, the most imperfect song of that year was that year’s biggest hit.

I hope these are helpful. Please share your suggestions and feedback and suggestions in the box down below.

Finally, I published my first blog. Your turn buddy. Cheers.

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