Ramsey has a six-figure salary.

Jeany put all his belongings in a small suitcase.

"Yes, I was," said the student.


This is a pretty amazing place.

How tall do you think my daughter will be in three years?

He reads Arabic.

It makes me want to throw up.

Albert just finished cleaning his room.

She came home with a stud in her nose.

Stars can be seen at night in this area.

Some eggs weren't rotten, but the rest of them were.

We had to help him.

My name is Soundararajan.

Who will succeed Reagan as President?


I did it on my own.

She's going through a midlife crisis.

I was kidding.

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The hero of the book rails at the injustices of the world but does nothing about them.

Gunnar says he's never kissed Kyung.

How many omnivorous children are patients in hospital?

I'll play with Naoko this afternoon.

Bankruptcy is to the employer what dismissal is to the employee.

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The doll lived for a very long time, being well cared for and loved, but bit by bit, it lost its charm.

I must warn you, this toy is addictive.

The doctor's office is on the second floor.

I think it is very important that the whole world helps these countries.

He made a speech in which he supported my point of view.

Nuclear power plants rely upon the fission of uranium to generate heat.

Do you want to talk about the affair?

There is enough money for John to buy a car.

Jesse reminded me not to forget my umbrella.


I finally overcame my shyness and asked him out on a date.

We don't usually grant exemptions, but given the circumstances, I think we can make an exception.

You're playing with fire if you insist on riding your motorcycle without a helmet on.

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Eddy tried to persuade Nicholas to quit smoking.

That is not altogether bad.

It's been a long time since I've seen Betty that angry.

You have to be careful when you're in the jungle.

Can you tell me what you mean by that?

We're about through here.

He's at a loss how to make ends meet.

He cooked meals for himself when his wife was sick.

The mere sight of the doctor made my cousin afraid.


Johann stood quickly.

He made an endeavor to improve the situation.

I have no experience.

Do you have any idea why Emmett is mad at me?

I'll see what's keeping them.

She made great efforts to pass the examination.

Drop of my blood.

Taxpayers are angry about wasteful government spending.

Don't ask me. Ask Shahid.

The young man woos women for sport.

We missed Marco.

The truck hit a car.

Get with it.

Cathryn didn't even say hi to me.

I never imagined we'd end up like this.


I need 30 more days to pay.

You won't regret this.

He's a nervous wreck.

We need to get some help.

The entire universe obeys love ; love, love, everything else is nothing.

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Ram says he killed Christofer.

Society has a great influence on individuals.

It's already good.

I'm heading back to Boston tomorrow.

She's off with the flu.

Just leave that there.

Todd was too tired to study.


It's started to snow.

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It is no use crying over spilt milk, as the proverb says.

She had already won the race.

I didn't want to tell you on the phone.

Look out for her.

Fear is a great motivator.

Serdar and Toft are waiting for you on the porch.

The car labored up the hill.


If you call him a clever man, he may be happy.


I was too shy.

Kathleen is relatively fit and healthy.

But for his timely rescue, I would have drowned.


What is your favorite boy band?


Where will we meet?


Mikey doesn't play with his toys anymore.

Something is wrong with you today.

Eddie was really tired when he got home.

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I need to go in.

Pete had a narrow escape.

I'm a restaurant manager.

We aren't serious.

You speak Russian, don't you?


You ain't seen nothing yet.

I'm studying to be an artist.

I arrived at Osaka Station at night.

Space doesn't need my permission to do that.

She called up her mother on the phone.


Thank God, the worst is behind us.

Who's your guidance counselor?

Margot is moody at times.

It's about time you got the tea ready.

What kind of movie do you want to watch?

Jwahar is happy here.

They have laughed at me.


I'm ambidextrous.

She's insecure and has low self esteem.

I've heard that you shouldn't eat red meat more than once a day.

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Pantelis believes that suicide is wrong.

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You need friends.

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Aimee looks lost and confused.

Can you please take this package to the post office?

Is there anyone left alive?


The Medieval Era gave way to the Renaissance.

OK, here's the donation ... 10 yen each. Here you go, Mihane.

Look at what she brought for my birthday party!

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After the revolution, France became a republic.

The decision was yours.

His objective is to become a teacher.

She is extreme in her taste in clothes.

Newton's law of gravity is a mathematical description of the way bodies are observed to attract one another, based on many scientific experiments and observations.

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It is a great pleasure being with you.

My grandmother is afraid to fall.

He fell into a deep sleep.

Why do you drink a lot?

Let's tell the truth.


Lui blew his nose loudly during the oboe solo.

Loukas spoke up for Honzo.

Saify didn't seem to be having any trouble doing that.


Do you think we should've talked to Elijah about this?

I never go on vacation without my cellphone.

I don't know when the prisoners will be released.

It's nobody's fault.

The dancer spun on his toes.


The protesters set many cars on fire.


Let's move on to the next order of business.

I can't decide where to eat lunch.

I didn't know tofu was this tasty.

Cold water, please.

Let's see what they have and we'll take it from there.


I go to bed early so I can get up to capture the sunrise.

I didn't know that was legal.

Do you have any idea what that guy's name is?

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Should we call her?


I don't want to go and I know you don't want to go either.


He determined to finish it alone.


Gil doesn't have to tell me why.

Did you know that the proper way to wear a cummerbund is with the pleats facing upward?

I want you to stay by the lady.


Brendan's behavior is unacceptable.

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The Milennium Development Goals aim to reduce hunger, poverty and disease.

Kimmo often drank chocolate milk when he was a kid.

She's gone to the stadium.


I want to see this.

Please come to meet me at the station.

Effort produces fine results.

Miles hates country music.

Why are you a Republican?


Misfortune never comes singly.

What does Danielle suggest?

Tursun said something about going to France.