That tie goes well with your shirt.


Do you know anything about those people?

Relax. We're on vacation.

She was clothed in a red blouse and white skirt.

Geez, that must be tough on you. How do you put up with it?

I'd like to spend a few days with Jennifer.

What's that got to do with them?

He protected his country from foreign invaders.

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Manavendra was somewhere else.

I'm still afraid of you.

Does this thing actually work?

He draws straight lines.

It's my favorite dish!


It's time to get started with the Christmas shopping.


Where did you drive them?


Jeany and Raanan have a big house.

I intend to stay in Boston.

He had reached the limits of his patience.


"Do you like costumes?" "I hate costumes!"


My car, such as it is, is at your disposal.


You attend all the meetings.

Moral and physical development are remarkable in the youth.

That seems wrong.


It's hard to say for sure.

You're smarter than me.

He is at home, but no one can see him.

Hillary arrives today.

I didn't vote.

Perhaps you're too busy.

Mr Smith was announced as the succeeding chairman.

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That'll never happen to me.

Midnight is when ghosts are thought to walk the earth.

That was the worst movie I've ever seen.

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Doge will never die.


This makes a ton of sense.


I heard our dog barking all night.

Doyle took another bite of his sandwich.

Is Linda in surgery?

Jess hates it when it's snowing.

This memorandum shall be published in the Federal Register.

We are expecting an occasional rainfall.

I'm Paula's assistant.


Once you skip a lesson, it's hard to catch up with your classmates.


He will regret this.


Valencia is a much fitter candidate for student body president than her competitors.


Do you think you have to be able to pass for a native speaker to be an effective spy?

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Napoleon Bonaparte was born on Corsica.

We're going back for them.

Rome is famous for its ancient architecture.

Rathnakumar is also schizophrenic.

He likes country music.


I think we're going to be fine.


What is driving them?

I sold my books cheaply.

She didn't intend to hurt you.

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I made that for Trey.


I associate strawberries with shortcake.


Everyone sympathized with the parents about their son's death.


Julian also plays the harpsichord.

You could've really hurt yourself.

I suddenly realized that everything in my life was not an accident.

Are you the new secretary?

I should've gone after her.

The key words are defined in the book's glossary.

You people are no fun at all.

Trevor didn't get a chance to visit the art museum.

I want to spend rest of the life pursuing my ideals.

This word-processor is very convenient.

That dog is big.

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I'll see you in the morning.

Sundaresan graduated at the top of her class.

I'm glad no one died.

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Did the dishwasher work?

She was asking me if I was able to write.

Yvonne was surprised to learn that Trevor was already in the third year of her plumbing apprenticeship.

She likes to be on her own.

Open the door a bit!

See Pratap, I told you didn't have anything to worry about.

Look again.

The room was silent.

I shouldn't have to tell you to keep your room clean.


The discussions are still in progress.

Do you have any idea what time Lea will come home?

What do you want me to say?

There are 7 main chakras.

They are crying to the government to find employment for them.

The man watches me.

You shouldn't still be alive.


Elwood put his arms around Panos.

I read the report this morning.

His house was on fire.


Who lives in this house?

Griff and Joubert didn't say anything to each other.

Before deciding to buy it, I tried on the jacket to see if it would fit.

Waves are beating the shore.

Make sure the stepladder is firm.

It's time for us to get ready.

Seth took his clothes off and put them into the washing machine.


Jill and John will get married next month.

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For me, history is a fascinating subject.


A telephone is more useful than a necklace.

I'm prepared for the entrance examination.

She is living in some village in India.

My mother is the first one to get up every morning.

Everything has been arranged.


Guess what I want to do.


He knows how to tell jokes.

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Anxiety about immigration is one of the reasons why Great Britain voted to leave the European Union.


There was a deep pond there ten years ago.


We finally reached the lake.

Dave doesn't have to worry anymore.

Timo seems to be having a rough week.

If only he could see you now.

I just thought this might be helpful.

Science is the way to prepare for the 21st century.

Better not to yearn for impossible dreams.

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My father swims very well.

His knowledge of French is poor.

Sadako wanted to add more, but her mouth just didn't want to open enough to make the words anymore.


She watched the harvest gathered and the apples picked.

Sabrina always eats dinner with his family.

Devil may come.

I bet Kieran was surprised.

"Alma-Ata" means "apple's father" in many Turkic languages.


I went to Boston on a train.

I'm Revised's replacement.

We are having lunch.

He's everybody's friend.

Stephan started running towards the house.

Juan grew up in a small town not far from here.

He has not acquired a fortune; the fortune has acquired him.

The conductor appeared on the stage.

"Who's this man?" "That's not a man. It's a robot I thought up!"

He's in the well.

Whatever she says is true.

Barrio is pretty ambitious, isn't he?

I'm not accusing you of anything.

I wanted Tarmi stopped, but I didn't think anyone could do it.

Get me my glasses.

That's actually a good point.

We got to know each other rather well on our recent trip.

Who do you think will win this year's Super Bowl?

Omar likes making paper airplanes.

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Margaret is inefficient.

Our walk was spoiled by the wind and the rain.

You filthy beast, get out of here!

The Japanese high tech rice cooker that I bought is really worth every penny.

Was that man harassing you?

What did the experimental set-up look like? What was connected to what and how?

This is not a cat, it's a dog.

His heart beat with excitement.

I'm a big fan of your work.

I'm direct.

You know, maybe we should buy a computer instead.

This can't really be happening, can it?

Why did you do that?


Julie is a perfectionist, isn't he?