The kid already speaks pretty well.

The police held back the crowd.


Leigh and Vaughn seem to be having a very serious conversation.

Life is hard, but I am harder.

Lola abhors Salim's smoking.

How many kebabs will you have?

Syed can't keep cleaning up after you.

Ask him to join us.

I've done this a thousand times.

You should be getting some sleep.

What do you think of censorship?


Research on the causes of cancer is very expensive.

Let me look for myself.

We've solved that mystery.

I came across him on the train.

Please don't leave me!

I know exactly who it is.

He told his son to get down from the ladder.

I'm quite shocked by this.

Will you exchange seats with me?

He will never yield to the pressure of a politician.

I can't agree to your proposal on the ground that it is not fair and reasonable.

I'll take the children to school.

Forget about Ofer.

What kind?

I have already had my breakfast.


I wish I had ridden my bicycle here.


Brian ought to have his head examined.

Julie ordered a drink.

I met a girl.

There's never enough time to do everything you want to do.

He illustrated his theory with diagrams.


I hadn't realized it was him.

She stood looking out toward the sea.

Nobody considers Panzer a cheapskate.

I like cities.

She is a more proficient leader than he is.

You better hurry.

Don't let him call her.

Cause and effect react upon each other.

What's the best way to keep yourself from yawning?

Miles and Alf both remained fairly calm.

Pim shoved Mongo out of his way.

I have only one sibling.

I grabbed my little sister's hand, and the two of us started to run.

I can lend you some money if you like.

By special arrangement we were allowed to enter the building.


Nobody called.


It is not until we lose our health that we appreciate its value.

Lindsay is a peach.

Aim higher.


Shyam must have seen Mahesh this afternoon.

In the upper elevations of Arizona, there was a forest of tall Ponderosa pine trees.

Let me tell her what I know.

Your instincts were correct.

Once in a while my uncle took me to the harbor.

You're quite right to be concerned.

The water supply has failed.

Jakob showed Jeanne some pictures of his house.

Mahmoud told himself that he had made the right decision.

I was prevailed upon to go to the party.

Julianto doesn't eat much meat.

There was much work to do.

Pilot didn't see anybody.

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I don't want Frances to find Johnny.

That's exactly what they're doing.

A church in Los Angeles has decided to press charges against a homeless man who stole a few cookies from the church's cookie jar.


Did you vote yet?

With whom are you eating lunch?

I assume you're qualified.

You need the rest.

Who'll drive?


It looks like you thought of everything.

Would you like to join me for some milk and cookies?

This is the hut in which he lived.

The traffic was very heavy. The cars were lined up bumper to bumper.

I've met someone.

This farm has belonged to our family for generations.

I am not too rich, too fat or too happy.


Applications are now being accepted.

Is this sentence in the present perfect or simple past?

He lost the greater part of his fortune in speculation.

I have no words to express my gratitude.

Margaret asked Ima for a job.

I don't have time to do what I want to do.

Roxana must be proud of you.

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Can I speak to you outside?


His reading is of a wide range.

There wasn't anyone in the park.

Don't forget her.

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Sorry, but we're booked up.

Can Superman also see through clothes?

I'll do that for you, Liz.

"It's really muggy today." "You're not kidding."

They were not at all like average Americans.

The Netherlands is famous for its windmills, tulips, wooden clogs and canals.

You ought to know better than to go to such a dangerous place.

Five hundred soldiers were sent to the city, and less than half of them survived.

That's a very good question.

My parents came to the airport to see me off.

He touched my shoulder.

She wants to keep him at a distance.

She is responsible for this broken window.


Dwight hid under a huge rock.


I gave an answer that was way out in left field when the teacher caught me off-guard and called on me.

Valentin slept for a few hours.

Space colonists thought that language was an important aspect of their lives. They sought an appropriate language.


Supposing it rains tomorrow, will you still go on a picnic?

I think the guy standing next to Stephen is Tanya.

Takeuchi got this car for nothing.

Can I play your mandolin?

Real obviously has doubts.

Sekar is a microbiologist.

Let me tell you about the origin of this school.

I liked what Surya bought, so I went out and bought one for myself.

Is the road short or long?

I wish I had learned this in school.

I couldn't think of a better place to have a picnic.

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Don't tell them just yet.

Rudolph put on his pajamas.

You know we don't need that.

We thought we were ready for anything.

It would be better if you would eat more.

The Japanese are often criticized for being inward looking and insufficiently international in their outlook.

Laurent was badly in debt for a while, but he's on his feet again.

I couldn't survive without Toft.

You can vote for change.

What were you doing at the hospital?

There's the man who gave me the book.


We have to make sure that we never do this again.

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A teacher should never laugh about a pupil who has made a mistake.

Sometimes we need to take a step back and think.

I was going to ask Lyndon to do that.

Sheila seems anxious.

I hope you find our quarters comfortable, Julian.

Loren is on the list.

James walked up to the counter and ordered a drink.

Sedovic has been sober three months.

His pencil has been sharpened.


I knew I'd find the two of you together.

I thought Fay would never find it.

I can live without it.

No, I did it on my own account.

The woman is in the room.

I checked into a motel and went right to sleep.

Are we going to be late?

He had an accident at work.

Spencer is gullible, isn't he?


Get back here.

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Someone should tell them.

Laurianne has asked me to lend him some money.

This movie is suitable for children.

I did what Christina wanted me to do.

He told everybody at school.

I'm going to Boston this summer.

This sentence doesn't exist.


We have a lot of catching up to do.

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I used to go to school when I was a child.

I just want her to be happy.

They did not like my book.

The frog in the well.

His mother held him close to her and wrapped him in her wings.


I believe he is not a lawyer.

Don't shout like that. I can hear you perfectly.

Deb said he would've come to the party if he'd been invited.

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The dictionary that I bought hasn't been delivered to me yet.

Clarissa was the one who wrote this story.

I thought Olaf would never go.

I want you to take this job.

I think Trey paid way too much for that old saxophone.

I like to talk.

She continued studying all her life.