You never have any doubts, do you?

Paola said that he needed a little more time.

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She had begun to recede in my memory.


I only spent three dollars.


The train is early.

What do horses eat?

We don't have to do that.

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I have no money to buy the dictionary.

Can you tell me what he said?

It's all total nonsense.

You don't really want to learn logograms, do you?

We're not your enemies.


How long have you been seeing Miriamne?


Leith didn't mention where he'd been.

One must have conviction in law, or its existence will be superficial only.

It was the greatest discovery in human history.

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He stepped into the lion's den.

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Did Naomi say anything about this to you?

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I'll leave that up to you.


We've got the house surrounded.

I don't feel too tired.

It is best that we speak with a specialist.

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He has a position.

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Everything's very cheap.


We know this is real.


Why should I want to do that?

She was accused of telling a lie.

I went shopping to buy something.

You have been thinking about this problem the whole morning. Take a break; go eat lunch.

I am getting crazy according to everyone.


I slept for nine hours.

Both Srikanth and Ragnar are well paid.

Do you have any foreign books?

It's not my place to question Elijah's methods.

I should've not said anything.

That TV station broadcasts only movies.

Your dog is here.

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Who's playing the piano right now?

He's very good at playing baseball.

The townsfolk were frightened by the earthquake.


I have always loved you so much.

The bridge is blocked.

He has testicular cancer.

We are healed of a suffering only by experiencing it to the full.

I've never seen Jacob laugh.

Will you keep playing all day long?

I have coffee, tea, water, and fresh fruit juice.

Laura never said goodbye.

Keep me out of this.


At what time will your girlfriend come back home?

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If time permits, I'll visit the museum.


Don't bother seeing me to the door.

I think it wouldn't be too hard to come up with a better system.

I know some students in that school.

It's fashionable to have a mobile phone nowadays.

He has already started.

Andy is doing very well considering his lack of experience.

A stranger asked me the way to the school.


When she has a headache, the slightest noise irritates her.

Kristi was adamant.

When did you begin to study Japanese?


That just wouldn't work.

Einstein also showed how mass and energy were equivalent.

Everything was pointing to this answer.

What is learned in the cradle is carried to the tomb.

I was discouraged.

I'll repair it now.

I finally got them on the phone.

Can I have the key now, please?

It's too low.

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We must follow him.


It is often said that the world loses a language every week.

A man is as old as he feels, and a woman as old as she looks.

His help is indispensable to us.

There are no fewer than a dozen bedrooms in this mansion.

That morning Raphael went round the whole village.


I agree with you, Pria.


I did it because I'm Charley's friend.

Herbert has got three of them.

The airport is closed, but nobody knows why.

My plan is working.

They saw a drunkard lying in the road.

Could you wake me up at seven?

She is used to traveling.


I love you anyway.

I'm counting on you to help next Tuesday morning.

It is clear that he is rich.

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I get up at six in the morning.

When I want your opinion, I'll ask you for it.

Teachers are becoming more important.

The pleasure was mine.

Nobody wants to criticize my country.

To tell truth, I'm not so well as before.

Well, that went smoothly.

But I'll get used to being blonde again.

I'm taking good care of him.


Marla's hair is wet.

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There may be something wrong with you.

Yvonne and Vishal have gone their separate ways.

Perhaps the only true dignity of man is his capacity to despise himself.


This idea is the basis of my argument.

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The city was overtaken by the jungle and disappeared.

This is way better than what you wrote before.

That's bullshit!


He just gave us a map and sprinted ahead. We who were left behind had to go on with just the map to rely on.


It all felt so unreal.

How many cameras do you have?

I don't want you touching my stuff.


This is a great business opportunity.

You need to get to a hospital.

He comes here almost every day.


Mario brushes his teeth at least three times a day.


I heard you're raking in the money.

Marlena's got nothing to hide.

I'm awfully nervous about everything.

Sanity and Janice wanted to have children.

The woman wants to know the truth.

Right now they're all sleeping.

We're not expecting your help.

I am pleased at your success.

Kieran doesn't want to break up with Dana.

Andrea doesn't want to have to do that again.

He is seeing one of his secretaries behind his wife's back.


I went there by train.

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The smoke alarm has never been maintained.

I'll take a look around.

I've been looking for Nicolo.

Should I have one?

"Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who in the land is fairest of all?" And then the mirror would always reply: "You, my queen, are fairest of all."

I'm not ashamed of that.

Right, I see. But it's complicated.

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Sjouke had a problem.

That is, the 'new' Will, as if there could be two wills of the Creator.

I gave her a blanket.

He praised the pupil for his honesty.

A passing car hit a puddle and splashed water all over me.

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We've got to go warn them.

My name is "The Strange One".

We take long walks together.


Ssi has no reason not to trust Kay.

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Luis lost his passport.

She's also writing a book.

What crimes have you committed?

I heard a strange sound coming from the room above.

What are you still doing with her picture?

Where was I when I needed myself most?

I'd walk through fire with gasoline-soaked underpants for her.


To speak is one thing and to write is another.


Don't bend over the table. Sit up straight.

Stu is John's brother.

What's your favorite Bob Dylan song?

He escaped being run over by a hair's breadth.

Everything was simpler in those days.

I imagine that you went through a lot of difficulties.

I will go to Ireland this summer.