Do you feel up to it?

Why would you want to hurt them?

She turned a page of her book.

Hurf claims he's not racist but just politically incorrect.

The job will take only five days, if we cut corners.

The hawk caught a rat.

Who cares?

You aren't any better than me.

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Install Linux!

Does the error occur regularly or sporadically? Is the error reproducible?

What was I writing this morning?

If it were not for great books, our lives would be much the poorer.

The boat goes down the river.

He leaned over her and said, "No, I'm not lying."

I'd like to take my jacket off.

Your cell phone rang a minute ago.

I'd like the government to respond resolutely so as to not end up looking timid.

The shower doesn't work.

I'm sorry if my words caused you pain.

What time should I meet you?

Monty was killed by Himawan.

Dory certainly knows a lot about trees.

Just observe your cat and you will get to know him.


I think Carolyn was lying to me.

They sat in silence.

I don't think that you really believe that.

You picked John, didn't you?

Hey you, make a reservation.

My watch gains one minute a day.

To give up smoking was the hardest thing I've done in my life.

I think she's over 40 years old.

We go to Boston as often as we can.

Norm knew I'd be there.

I'll see you inside.

The Pope? How many divisions has he got?

I don't trust this driver.


Shaw certainly is a good husband.

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His house is just over the road.

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Let's not forget why we're here.

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There's someone here to see you.

Numerous examples can be given.

The travel agent will advise you where to stay.

We're sure of that.

Moses speaks perfect French.

Tracy had a cold.

They cannot stop her.

The body converts extra calories into fat.

I don't know how I should do it.


A buried treasure was found inside the ancient tomb.

Maarten is moving away.

I'm going to go sit in my car.

Mysore and his dog ran across a wheat field.

We can haggle over price later.

What you're talking about is more important than how you say it.

Who carried the luggage?

That would be awfully sweet of you.

I just couldn't keep my eyes open.

He proved to be a spy.

The health care secretary told the woman that she could not bring her dog inside, because pets were not allowed inside the clinic.

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Huey can handle just about anything.

I admire Pete a great deal.

I don't get around as well as I used to.

What's it good for?

What do you need a doctor for?


Why is love so hard?

We came in sight of the hill.

I was worried about my mistakes at first.

Sundar should be praised.

You can't imagine how humiliating this is.

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Starbuck gave Jeanne more credit than she deserved.

Where did you hear this?

Hey. What's going on?

If you find a mistake, please leave a comment.

Age is not important, unless you are either cheese or wine.

The police investigated the suspects' past.

I've done rock climbing and deep-sea diving and slept in an Indonesian jungle.

What with overwork and lack of nourishment, he became very ill.

It's just been a difficult few days for Giles.

... reason? What you're looking for is a pretext, isn't it?

Peter the Great, Czar of Russia, used to take out people's teeth for fun.

That sounds credible, doesn't it?

Ouch! I stuck my finger in the door!

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There were no signs of life.


Thank you ever so much.

I know where Liz hides his money.

It's one of the dumbest things I've ever done.


Eli often takes pictures with his phone.

I have a friend everybody trusts.

My sister is a nurse.

I have got much homework.

You've frightened me.

She goes to a girls' high school.

Syun's holiday bungalow has panoramic views of the ocean.


Clarissa discovered that he had run out of money.

She had no cares or troubles of any sort, and every day her tasks became easier, and the years that had gone before seemed more and more like a bad dream.

Now or never.

Niels sat on the porch reading the newspaper.

Why did you interrupt us?

Bruce was dying.

He must pull out his own eyes, and see no creature, before he can say, he sees no God. He must be no man, and quench his reasonable soul, before he can say to himself, there is no God.


How did you get into our room?

You don't want to do that, do you?

My father won't have any noise while he is at work.

I've smelled this smell somewhere before.

I wish you'd stop doing that.


Sidney knows a great deal about me.


There is no doubt about his honesty.

The people here are well off.

I wish I'd never asked you to do that.

Let me be your shelter.

I think I've found the answer.

Skiing is my passion.

The family's circumstances are not easy.

My mare foaled.

We can pay 200 dollars at most.

The airplane went into a spin.

You should ask him to help.

He put his money in the box.

There is an exception to every rule.

We must put the brake to further trials.

The bed is very comfortable.

How do you usually speak in your family?

At school I am on the Newspaper Committee.

Why are we listening to him?

The boy began to scream.

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I was astonished to hear what had happened.


After years of focus on words, dictionary writers finally turned to sentences.

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He is now either in Rome or in Paris.

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The girl speaks English very well.


Eat slowly. Savor your food.

A panel of experts discussed the plan.

Michael? Hello? I asked you a question.

Randal tried to persuade Polly to sell him her car.

Our two brothers wrought their common death.


He made a clean breast of his troubles to her.


I'm afraid of cockroaches, because they are disgusting and ugly.

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It was Roman who took out the garbage.

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The show's about a New Jersey mob boss who's in psychotherapy.

Jennie has been waiting thirty minutes.

I seem to have misplaced my key last night.

What time are you going?

A watchman sat with his legs crossed.

Did you get the flowers I sent you?

We can't just sit here without doing anything.

The river's on the other side of the hill.

You're such a liar.

It's of my liking.

I bought a pair of shoes.

Peter loved Jane.

He is fatter than when I last saw him.


They watered their horse.


The dispute was settled peacefully.

Don't let anyone turn off the light.

Did something happen between the two of you? Why hasn't he been coming to pick you up recently?

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I enjoy it in here.

The first and favourite amusement of a child, even before it begins to play, is that of imitating the works of man.

Agatha opened the window a crack to let in a bit of fresh air.


The service nobility was a pillar of the Prussian state.

I'd like to make a suggestion.

She spoke loudly.

I'd like lettuce and tomatoes on my sandwish, please.

Celeste could be a big help to you, I think.

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You have it all wrong.

They will take it.

She can understand everything I am saying.

They were going to lose.

This is no place for me! I was not born for work.


I lie on the grass.