I don't produce their films.

He kindly took the trouble to send me home.

I'd like to discuss this with Harry.

They want a reaction.

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Despite all his wealth, he is stingy.


I just wanted to remind you to call Rafael.

The policeman blamed me for ignoring traffic rules.

She worked through the night.

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I'll explain it to Giovanni.

King Solomon was known for his wisdom.

Just after Irving had a new gearbox fitted to his car, his clutch packed it in.

It will not be a straightforward, universally accepted matter when the US one day elects a female president.

I know you're afraid of flying.


How many men are guarding him?

Would you like to take a look at it?

Blayne didn't expect to win the race.

What the devil is that?

I'm here to see him.

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Janet will come for sure.

Where should I go on vacation?

I'm not disturbing you, am I?

Michiel laughed like an idiot.

I don't know how we're going to pay for everything.


I'll make sure.


We're here because we want to talk to Wade.


Don't shout at me.

I wouldn't want you to think I was stupid.

What's your favorite audio player?


You should seriously consider finding a new job.

The gaunt policeman had a bolt-action rifle slung over one shoulder.

I got a new hat at the department store.


Dan had Linda's fingerprints analyzed.

Spike is obviously a good teacher.

I saw many people starving to death on TV.

Did you have anything to do with this?

In culinary, can you substitute sodium bromide for sodium chloride?

Just dropping by quickly to let you know we're aware of some of the issues.

You never know where you will be lucky.

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He wants to get a new dictionary.

Sanjeev only makes about half as much as Tai does.

Rodger also asked me to tell you he doesn't want to go.


Don't scold her; she's too young to understand.

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He is a gentleman.


My sister has a nice piano.

I don't know what Sanjeev paid for it.

We predict that Christmas sales will be better than expected.


There's nothing much to see here.

They say Hauru tore her heart out.

I won't be needing this.

Timo knew he wasn't going to win the argument.

I succeed to the throne.


You're just seeking to embellish all this!

Masanobu and Rafik talked about what had happened.

Don't worry. Your secret's safe with me.


I'm sure the two of you agree.

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She is a hysterical woman.


We got this car several years ago.


Whenever Beth's parents have guests, she wants to join their adult talk.


I'll stay here and help him.

The bank robber shouted, "Stay where you are, all of you!"

Let's go say hi to the Jacksons.

Everyone in the room burst out laughing when they saw Jiri slip on the banana peel.

I don't know how she does it.

Gary found an outlet for his energy in playing football.

Violets and lavenders do not need much sunlight; they grow better in the shade.

But how can you not believe in love?

I wonder if the first week or so of July is too early to go to the beach.


The problem is finding Douglas.

I bought things I didn't need again.

Cristopher is clairvoyant.


The pilot raced for Ferrari from 1995 to 1999.

May I make a suggestion?

Avery talked Tharen into buying his old car.

I think his job resume is questionable.

Blake caught the ball with his right hand.

I've caught a cold.

The floor sagged under the heavy weight.

We managed to get there on time.

A screen divided the room into two.

It looks like he will win.

We decided to have a last piece on the programme at the year-end party.

I ate them all.

Laurie lives in Melbourne.

He refused to listen to our request for help.

He always mistakes me for my sister.


I know what Soohong would say.


I don't scare that easily.

They wrote to each other.

Where did you write this letter?

Charleen was not coping at school, and was diagnosed as a slow learner in second grade.

I can only see what you see.

Mikey disabled Reid's video surveillance system.

What are you doing back there?

We're all happy.

He wanted to stay in this city.

I didn't say a thing.

Yes, my name is Karen Smith.


I don't think that this car was made in Germany.

I'm a little tired today.

It's convenient living so close to the station.


Ssi spent all afternoon getting ready for Cathryn's birthday party.

As a beginning I would like to examine the catalyzer used in this experiment.

That's the most important thing I've learned from you.

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I really don't need any help.

This is Fay's handwriting.

You were mistaken.

I am staying at a hotel in New York.

I wish I could be here with you today.


Alex and Samir aren't together anymore.

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You must make up for the loss.

Mehrdad wondered where Celia had put his hat.

The wind began to blow.

My sight isn't good; I have to wear glasses.

Have you ever been to New York?

Don't say I didn't warn.

Roger may be waiting for us now.


People who laugh a lot are much happier than those who don't laugh very much.

He failed, to his father's disappointment.

You can always sleep on my couch.


Alberto will be back at 2:30.

Phill will do fine.

I'm your biggest fan.

Please tell him.

I'm really unhappy about this.

Look at that tower standing on the hill.

They leave you, not so dark as the waiting house, not so surely promised to eternity as that which every night becomes the climbing stars.

Do you want me to fix you up with him?

It's like water on the duck's back.


Dimitry didn't know that Srinivas considered him a jerk.

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It was supposed to be quiet here.

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Rajendra said my plan wouldn't work.

The trouble is that I am not equal to the work.

I could never do that to her.

He sometimes affects indifference to what's happening around him.

I don't want to have an operation.

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Would it be possible to set up a meeting with us on April fifth or sixth?


Don't bend over the table. Sit up straight.

We've been so worried.

I want her to do it alone.

Can I speak to your manager?

She was sick, so she couldn't come.

Our team was in high spirits because of the victory.

Over one hundred people came here.

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Yesterday I didn't have anything to do so I was just lolling around all day long.

Are you sure you want me to sell this?

I'm lost. Could you please help me?

He said that money was lent to me.

"Please forgive my intrusion, but this is something that you're going to want to hear."

I am!

How often do you look at yourself in the mirror?

His fiancee is already married.

Let's sing the English song.

I like to learn languages

We see each other every day.


I didn't realize you were here.

Maybe we can catch up later.

This key doesn't fit in the lock.

We have no time to waste.

Maybe I can help you solve that problem.

Is it so difficult to write?

I admitted that he was right.