Conrad threatened Carolyn with a knife.

Rupert seems much happier than Kirk.

I want to know who gave that to you.

These apples are big.

Rhonda needs to be with Hy.

Coleen is a rich man.

You don't need to answer that question.

I know you must be tired.

I still ask myself that question.

Christopher has it wrong.


Listening to this song makes me want to dance.

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Jeffie's cooking was more delicious than I expected.

I was wondering if Pamela and Ronni are dating.

This winter is expected to be colder than the previous one.


No one takes me seriously.

The conference ended yesterday.

I said drop your gun!

The hotel room where we stayed was shabby.

Sally is two years senior to Ken.

Where is Hakata station?

There are fifty states in the United States.

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Jealousy has big eyes towards everything.

I'd like you to mail this letter.

I can't repay you.


As time went on, I came to doubt that that was everything I needed to know.

Valeria was ashamed to tell anybody what happened.

Paula loves going out.

Can you get by on your wages?

For kosher meat I go to the butcher of my choice.


All of Earle's sentences are short.


I'm still undefeated.

Susan saw something on the ground.

Who made this possible?

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Are we on speakerphone?

Taro has a low boiling point.

Let's keep an eye on that.

The American culture had been transplanted from Europe.

Your bereavement saddens me.


"It's pool-season from this week, isn't it?" "Oh yes. I've gotta go and buy a swimming suit, then."

We must put our differences aside and band together.

We can't leave our suitcases here.

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The players made a wall as Lionel Messi went to shoot.

What he said about England is true.

This problem affects us all.


Who would buy this?

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I'd like to leave this book with you.

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Kelvin has young children.


Edith wanted to live.

The flowers in the garden are very beautiful.

She has overstepped her authority.

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You shouldn't be here today.

Dan was disguised as a beggar.

Who would want to do that?


What a fiasco!

I think I read that somewhere.

Can you guess the worth of the diamond?


I am going to marry that person one day.

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Norm wants everything out in the open.

Stephen had a good teacher.

Steve wouldn't let me date his daughter.

Wherever I go, I won't lose my passion.

Tahsin was quite successful.

The people's hardships are our hardships.

Ignorance is no excuse.


It is up to you to decide what to do.

The baby has been crying for almost ten minutes.

The box was so heavy that Vadim had to help Jay carry it home.

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He came five minutes after the bell had rung.


I am not nice, I am merciful.


I see a house.

Give him any help you can.

I never received the money.


Cathryn has never eaten caviar.


The doctor said that there is nothing wrong with me.

All the laurels belong to him.

It's the only thing I can do.

I'm not here to cause you any trouble.

We succeeded in finishing the project.

I took it for granted that you were aware of the danger.

Do you know much about us?


He likes you very much.

Skip has recently been trying to improve his French.

I met your father last week, so in the last week of June.

Please tell us why you need to stay here.

He went up the stairs.


Jill is waiting for Janet to arrive.


I don't want you to quit working here.

Let's think of something to do.

I'll just be extra careful.

We make a really good team.

The child sits in the back of the car while the parents sit in front.

I ended up helping Gabriel a lot.

You are a workaholic.

What shall I begin with?

You are generous to give me such a lot of money.

She woke up naked on the floor.

Jayesh needs to see me right away.


In winter, the days become shorter and it gets darker earlier.

Short hair looks better on her.

I've asked King to do that for you.

Kelvin is trying to kill me.

You're a really good kisser.


Liza asked his doctor to change his medication.

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I don't feel that way.

He is a nice man, except that he talks too much.

I can't say exactly what the problem is.

My husband is better able to cook than I.

The mother said little to the daughters.

I went to the station to see my brother off.

I'd like to thank you both.

That sounds racist to me.

She told him to stop.

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Who is the boy that is swimming over there?

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Do you realise what you're asking me to do?

Boyce declined to comment.

I've been waiting for years.

Walter lost his job.

Fear left him speechless.

It's what I like.

The books will be shipped out tomorrow before closing.

Who told you I was talking about you?

Pedro did it the same way I did.

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Sehyo thought Kenneth knew why he didn't like her.

It's a proper interesting book.

I wonder if it will rain tomorrow.

Don't let her distract you.

I plan to go abroad as soon as I graduate.


Will you go with me to my palace and be my dear wife?

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Can you recommend to me a place to stay in London?


Let's get you home.

I didn't hire Dylan.

A truly great man is always modest.

I can't take it anymore.

I can hear nothing.


We need to hide the corpse.


There have been a lot of complaints recently about drivers not obeying the speed limits in downtown Boston.

Gunpowder needs to be handled very carefully.

Ramneek had to stay home.

I wish you a quick recovery.

He could make himself agreeable to almost anyone.


Do you wash your dog every day?

I wouldn't want Israel as a friend because he's very selfish.

This is my cell number.

I heard a song called "Apologize" on the radio.

Smartphones would have seemed like science fiction ten years ago.

She admitted that she sometimes had trouble with him.

He is studying at his desk.

He found difficulty in making ends meet on his small salary.

She loved him with all her heart.

I lifted my son so that he could see it.

You don't have to go to an art school in order to be an artist.

Can I help you folks?

That's not one of William's, is it?


Do you like cities?

Dave doesn't have to worry anymore.

This area of the library is closed to the public.

You told me to improvise.

I'd like to have a Caesarian operation.

She panicked when she heard the news.

One cannot remain neutral between those who destroy the law and those who obey it. Neutrality means not dispassion but impartiality, and one cannot remain impartial between right and wrong.