Yesterday, we finished constructing the new stage.

Teenagers are often said to have raging hormones.

We shouldn't have written that.

Thank you for your detailed explanation.

I am proud to be a part of this project.

He saved the dying child by giving his blood.

Matthew does know that.

He has a strong sense of responsibility.

Steven has had one lung removed.

It's just my luggage.

She is said to have refused his proposal.

I'm taking him home with me.

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It was a tough test.


Gold has a price, but knowledge is invaluable.

Horst was rushed to a local hospital.

They have two daughters.

Douglas hasn't cleaned his room yet.

It is characteristic of him to go to work before breakfast.

The students burned their textbooks.

Susan, I'm sorry if I lead you on but the truth is that I'm just not interested.


Tell them I'm on my way over.

It'll soon be possible for us to do that.

I was used to eating like a pig.

The sun is shining.

This restaurant is always crowded.

She's beautiful.

Can you tell green from blue?


If you don't get more exercise, you'll get fat.

How long have you been wearing glasses?

Sedat will be here any moment.

I haven't called Cathy back.

I waver in my mind, a place just for me.

One book is thin, and the other is thick.

He got off because of the statute of limitations.

Then the birds began to twitter, and the forest too was full of green young leaves; and out of it came a beautiful horse.

Farewell, Cuba.


This plant needs a lot of water.

We're not finished with negotiations.

Danielle fell into the river.

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I don't want to die in jail.


Juliane is such a slob.

A telephone call from him is probable tonight.

Don't let your muscles atrophy.

Earthshine is brightest on the nights around the new moon.

Rogue is in college now.

He caught a terrible cold.

Theo didn't agree to the proposal.

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Mike is suffering from a cold.

Hubert had one goal.

I want Miki to prove me wrong.

Rand said he needed our help.

If he had stayed at home that day, he would not have met with disaster.

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Rathnakumar is tougher than he looks.

My uncle went to sea at 18.

I can work with that.

When the breaker tripped and it became pitch black, the baby got scared and started crying.

I read newspapers in order to keep up with the times.

She devoted herself to her sick mother.

Darrell lent Axel all the money he had on him.

Don't trust anybody but yourself.


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He isn't a child.


He wants red glasses.


He got his position by presidential appointment.

He is to phone me this afternoon.

He says he's busy one minute, and then says that he has nothing to do the next.

A parent or teacher should bring home to children the pleasure of reading.

Does it matter to you what time we arrive?

I don't care what Murthy said.

The uniforms are different from those of our school.


Let me speak to you first.


Walt has granted me an interview.

They approached each other.

I told Masanao.

How am I going to impress Vidhyanath?

He has a reputation as being straight as an arrow. He'd never get involved in corruption.

There's nothing more to drink.

Who has a better idea?


This mystery is solved.

Our father in heaven, hallowed be your name. Thy kingdom come, on earth as in heaven. Gives us our daily bread. Forgive us of our sin, as we forgive those who sin against us. Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. For the kingdom, the power and the glory are yours. Now and forever. Amen.

It's not porn, it's art.


Ira was just in Boston last week.


I thought you said we could go anywhere we wanted.

Collin didn't die in the collision.

There was another guy with him.

Masanao's happy not to be in your shoes.

It has nothing to do with that.

Stephen King writes about evil people.

We're totally cool with that.


Could you tell them, please?

We met in Shanghai.

That is completely useless.

You've got to be reasonable.

How are you going to tell Sri?

Santa didn't reply to Janet's letter.

Piercarlo doesn't always tell the truth.

She wept over her son's death.

I had a funny dream last night.

I'll tell you this one more time.

He hates falsehood more than anything else.

We got snowed in.

Susan currently doesn't have a job.

When my grandmother was young, her body was very slim. Now in her old age she's grown plump.

Make your own decision.

I want to know what you see right now.

She is lacking in sense of beauty.

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There was a pink slip waiting for her at the office.

Pascal came to Boston after graduating from high school.

It's all we have.

I haven't spoken to him since.

The police found Dan's blood on Linda's shoes.

He doesn't want to speak, being afraid of making mistakes.

I would rather go on foot than stay here waiting for the bus.


Can you think of anyone who would want to do this kind of thing?

You can't hide the fact from her.

Molly and King stood real close together.

The boat was frozen in.

I think you don't trust me.

Help me pick out a tie to go with this suit.

China gives me many different impressions.


Nicolas's pronunciation is very good.

Spencer is fond of Celtic music.

No one responded.

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Hey! A bee stung me!

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Are you still in the job?

It was almost too easy.

Your journey starts here.

He was given a detention for being out after curfew.

Above the music, I could hear her crying.


I'm sure that you'll keep your word.


The man looked at Elisabeth, then vanished through the stage door out into the dark London street.

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He who walks the straight and narrow path must resist temptations of all sorts.

As is usual with him Mike was late for the meeting this afternoon.

Pravin chickened out and didn't try bungee jumping.

I just had a weird feeling.

That wasn't a tough decision.

I bet you're busy.

I guess everyone was lying.

Eschatology is the study of end-times: personal and corporate.

I feel the cold very much.

She's wearing a nice hat.

From my room in Brooklyn I can see all the way to Manhattan.

I didn't know her at that time.

American-British relations showed improvement.

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Pat changed the locks on his doors.

I wouldn't expect too much.

There is something mysterious about the accident.

Right and left are opposites.

I don't work that much!


Slip of the tongue.

I was not conscious of her presence.

I'll take you with me.

She was as happy as could be.

May I have the menu, please?


Relief supplies were raced to the disaster area.

We'll be happy to call you back.

He gave me money and advice.

I just wish I could be at home.

It's a pain that doesn't go away.


How far is it to the museum?


Productive thinking and creativity are unthinkable without imagination.

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Cynthia just went inside.

I'll stay as long as you want me to.

I was with them.

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Can we just talk about something else?


I once met a boy.